Why businesses prefer Django framework for Python Web app development

Published on 18th Aug 2020

Django for Python Web app development

There's a reason why most companies meticulously pick Django Framework for Python Web App development. This blog will give solid reasons behind this phenomenon.

Meet Django

Django framework is an open-source web framework for quick development, clean, and maintainable design. Django framework’s goal is to allow the Python development team to focus on new components of app and not the already developed ones. Django is the best addition to projects that handle complex technology (like Machine learning) or functions, heavy traffic or user interactions or deal with enormous volume of content (like media files). It not only works for smaller-scale projects but also for the much higher level of projects.

Why choose Django?

Here are the reasons why a lot of companies are choosing Django framework Python Web application development:

  • Fast and simple
    One of the main goals of the creators of Django is to create a web framework that will make things easier and simpler for developers. This is made possible through:

    Principles of Rapid Development
    This allows Python developers to do more than one iteration in one setting without having to start the entire schedule from scratch.

    DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) Philosophy
    Developers are allowed to reuse existing codes and concentrate on the unique ones. Thereby, enabling to get the projects to the market in no time.
  • It is secure
    Another high priority for the makers of Django is security. Django is one of the best security systems in the market. Plus, it helps Python developers prevent common security issues such as cross-site scripting, click-jacking, and SQL injection.

    Django releases new security patches on time. It is typically the first one to react and respond to vulnerabilities and notify other frameworks.
  • It is well-established
    Django is already well-established in terms of time and crowd. This web development framework has a huge, supportive community accessed through different dedicated websites, forums, and channels.

    Plus, it’s easy to find help when there is an issue with the code and to look for developers; if your company is considering to start the next project on Django.
  • Rich ecosystem
    According to developers, Django is like a rich ecosystem, where many third-party applications come from. These applications can be used and integrated, depending on the requirements of the project. This web development framework consists of many applications that can be plugged into a system easily and without problems.
  • Good for SEO
    This famous web development framework is known for having easily readable codes. This is a huge advantage if you want your site to get to the top for SEO. With Django, you can easily generate readable website links and URLs using the most relevant and used keywords.
  • Suits a variety of web application projects
    With this web development platform, you can easily tackle projects of different capacities and sizes, whether it is for a high-load web application or a simple project.

Summing up it all

There is no wonder why Django is one of the most preferred web development frameworks to date. If you intend to create a smaller-scale project or scale your project to a higher notch, then Django is the best web development framework to use.

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