Is React Native the Right Solution for Enterprise Mobile Apps?

Published on 3rd July 2020

React native for enterprise apps development

In a typical setting, you’ll most likely come across tons of options of development platform, when developing a mobile app for your business. However, a lot of Mobile App development companies claim that out of all those platforms, React Native is no doubt the right choice. But is it really?

Well, we can’t really blame them. After all, React Native is filled with tons of amazing features and functions that will help you develop the ideal business mobile app. But does it really live up to the hype? Let’s find out.

Quick overview of React Native

Let’s first get an understanding of what React Native is. At its core, it is a framework that’s designed by social media giant Facebook to allow for smooth cross-platform development. This means that you’ll be able to develop an app that can cater to both Android and iOS devices.

Nowadays, a lot of major companies are starting to see the potential that React Native has. But what are its benefits? Is it ideal for Enterprise mobile apps?

Advantages of React Native Development

Without further ado, here are the benefits of React Native you want to consider:

Seamless Cross-platform Compatibility

React Native is a highly compatible app development platform that allows both iOS and Android developers to cater to all mobile app markets. Due to its cross-platform compatibility, there’s no need for extra lines of platform-specific code and developing a business mobile app becomes a lot easier. This will accelerate your time-to-market with apps across both iOS & Android.

No More Recompiling

The fact that React Native doesn’t involve recompiling means that you can take it easy; since you no longer have to rebuild the entire app, to have the changes reflected in it. Instead, you just have to press Command + R to refresh the app like you would in a browser. This means that you can allocate more time to taking care of the other aspects of your business with less focus on app development. Moreover, it allows React Native developers to freely experiment with the code.

Near-Native App Performance

Apps developed via React Native works almost the same as Native mobile applications. Your business mobile app’s UI animation will remain smooth regardless of how heavy the compilations are. Not only that, but it also gives you the freedom to switch from Java to Swift and vice-versa.

Is It Ideal for Enterprise Mobile Apps?

Are you planning to develop an Enterprise mobile app via React Native? And, planning to maintain it for a long period of time? Then you should be prepared for more frequent updates than you normally would in a Native app development platform. This means that you have to constantly update your app as the React Native platform updates as well.

However, it’s not really a disadvantage since React Native updates on a regular basis, pushing more new useful features. But then again, having to update your app more frequently can sometimes be a hassle.

So, what’s exactly the answer to the main question?

Well, React Native is surely a promising platform with a lot of potential in it. For some developers, it’d be better to develop an enterprise mobile app on native platforms, especially if the target audience is either Android or iOS users.

However, with more and more updates being pushed regularly, React Native is expected to be compatible with more and more platforms in the future. It’d be pretty safe to assume that if you want your enterprise mobile app to be future-proof, then developing it in the React Native platform is the way to go.

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