Why choose React Native for MVP development of Mobile Apps?

Published on 3rd July 2020

Xamarin Vs. React Native

Product development time is the crucial factor which many companies, like you, focus on, while launching a new application. At times, you may place this ahead of your project budget as well. Of course, you can experience a competitive advantage as your app taps the market well before your competitors do. That’s the reason a fast MVP (Minimum Viable Product) helps as an effective go-to-market strategy for several companies. Many of them implement this to test their customer requirements.

In this article, we will explore why you should pick React Native for mobile apps' MVP development.

Why is MVP important?

Minimum viable product (MVP) gives businesses a way to match customer expectations with the interior value of the product. In short, MVP is a replica of your idea, a proof of concept, which helps to evaluate your strategy and tweak it accordingly for future iterations.

Some of the most important characteristics of MVP include:

  • Fast & Cost-effective development
  • Small scale integration
  • Simplicity of design
  • Limited range of features

Why should businesses need an MVP?

By creating MVP, companies can visualize their ideas in the real world and interact with their different aspects. If the user interest is good, the company can continue their work on it; otherwise, they can shift the approach or tweak it to meet customers' feedback.

In short, MVP brings in multiple benefits:

  • Speedy development process with ample amount of time to find right target group
  • Reduction of resources, time and money, ensuring to channelize the right efforts to develop a successful product
  • Get proper feedback from early adopters of your product to improvise the app
  • You can remain in your budget limits, while launching the apps quickly

Why React Native for MVP development?

It should be clear by now that businesses can use many frameworks, platforms and approaches to create MVP. However, not every platform or approach is justifiable.

React Native is now five years old when it was first launched in 2015 by Facebook. It is a front-end framework that lets businesses create cost-effective apps. With React Native app development, businesses can create MVPs with faster time to market and keep budget under control. React Native’s support for third-party plugins also aids in its faster development time, enabling businesses to integrate new features and services, without the need to code them from scratch.

Some of the React Native framework features include Hot reloading support, Cost-effective & simplified user interface, excellent community support and offers optimal performance.

How your business can benefit from React Native MVP Development?

So, how does your business benefit from the use of React Native in MVP development? Well, let’s find out below.

Code Reusability

With React Native, you can do cross-platform development, thanks to its code reusability feature. So, if you write your code once, it can be used to deploy on multiple platforms. For now, it supports iOS and Android implementation using the same codebase. This gives businesses the ability to connect with more people using different devices with their MVP.

Saving Budget and Time

MVPs should have limited budgets and have a faster time to market. React Native lets you do both.

As React Native offers Hot & Live reloading, developers can change code on the fly. This means that the codebase can be developed way faster even when the app is running. Apart from that, React, Native development can work seamlessly with smaller development teams. It is easy to find talent for JavaScript or React Native, which gives your project the necessary boost when it comes to talent hunting and resource management.

Community Support

The React Native community is its strong point. So, you do not feel stuck while solving problems for your business. You can participate in forums, meetups and shows to learn about the technology and become better at it.

Third-Party Plugins

The last benefit that we are going to discuss is the third-party plugins. Here, you can use modules created by third-party. This will save you a lot of time and effort while building different aspects of your MVP.

React Native Is the Ultimate Solution

React Native is a development platform, and it means that it is up to you to utilize it to its full potential. However, it does offer you the right set of features for doing MVP development for mobile apps. So, are you going to use it for your MVP?

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