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In any industry, one of the key value drivers from embracing digital technology is - to personalize interactions with the key stakeholders. The healthcare/Pharma industry is gradually becoming cognizant to this value. A large part of this value in Pharma will be achieved using sensors and digital services; to provide customized care round the clock. It is the shift not only from drug development, but also from patient care (like beyond the Pill Paradigm).

Within the foreseeable future, a large proportion of Pharma ecosystem will create value by constantly monitoring patients’ condition, behaviour (clinical & personal) and providing feedback to them & other stakeholders.

Looking at the market trend, a leading transnational pharmaceutical company is moving into Diagnostics as a separate Strategic Business Unit. This company so far has been dedicated to delivering high-quality, branded and generic medications. Its strength is of vertical integration in discovery research, process chemistry, active pharmaceutical ingredient production, formulation development, and regulatory filings. And it’s a significant player in the therapy areas of Gynaecology, Cardiovascular, etc.

Challenges & Opportunities

The company plans to have a digital mobile apps ecosystem for consumers – where the users will book for lab testing with the option of labs/home collection and view test reports. Also, the app will track users’ health records such as daily food intake and exercise; and act as a personal health monitoring application.

The app ecosystem will provide wellness apps, along with the facility of test booking, reporting and day to day health monitoring. This will enable the company to capture the patient’s info, which will help in understanding the drug impact on the patients.

The demand for next-generation products varies from patient-specific biomedicines to medical devices - enabling the capabilities to provide real-time information about their condition to patients; and collect patient data for healthcare analytics to improve the treatment.

Solutions Approach

Our project teams are helping this Enterprise in building such robust platform to connect and manage diagnostics devices – such as wearable devices, smart watch, and skin patches wisely and remotely. This will enable the company to collect data in real-time, along with location, from these devices. This data includes health records such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, stress level, etc. The health data assessment will allow system to be checked in with standard parameters, troubleshoot any issues, and upon occurrence of any problem, it triggers alarm to patient, healthcare service team for immediate service.

App will enable the health care team to access historical records such as test reports and medication for further actions.

Solution components for the Diagnostics Apps Ecosystem

  1. Wearable device for real-time monitoring
  2. Mobile application for recording & transmitting data, booking tests, view reports, medication records and similar historical data
  3. Data from the patient and the health care team (Doctors & diagnostics centres) gets synchronized
    a. From wearable to mobile by Bluetooth; and
    b. From mobile to cloud services by 4G/WiFi
 Digital healthcare systems

How the future will shape through this Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

Engaging Patients & Families
Creating an experience that gives people control over their health data. It provides insights that facilitate selfcare and family support.

Empowering Health Care teams
Healthcare teams connect with patients and diagnostics centres through apps. This increases the personal productivity and efficiency to work together.

Optimizing Clinical & Operational effectiveness
Driving better diagnostics and treatment, harnessing data to streamline operations and improve care outcomes.

Transforming Health Care
Through platform that provides actionable insights the healthcare gets extended beyond the healthcare facility. The use of smart devices and data insights provide more personalized treatments.

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