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Yatish Patil

Yatish Patil 
Program Manager

Yatish is an IoT Technical Advisor, Speaker & Author; with passion towards building IoT solutions. He drives Saviant Innovation group & focuses to help businesses accelerate their growth.

He brings-in the right team - a combination of business understanding, solutioning and technology expertise - to solve your complex business challenges. Continue the conversation.

Page updated in Dec, 2020

Providing best-in-class design & engineering expertise for Wearable app development

Today, wearables are everywhere; measuring temperature, speed, basic movement, distance, heart rates, etc. Fast-growing companies are leveraging wearable technology for various business objectives. Be it to safeguard employees, streamline business processes, mobilize resources, enhance efficiency, or human wellness. However, designing such wearable app is tougher due to the smaller screen size and various factors like constant connection to human body, sensors attached and device functionalities.

Be it IoT based wearable device, Android wear, Apple Watch, Google Glass, Samsung Gear and any other device, we bring-in innovative design & engineering expertise to create the prototype. And, our dedicated team of Wearable App developers build such apps quickly and expedite the app development for quick go-to-market.

Here’re few of our Customer Success Stories…

Enterprise Mobility solution

Field-service mobile apps for improved food delivery operations

Leading Food service specialist uses 500+ connected mobile devices to deliver fresh food items to over 30,000 customers.

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Cross-platform mobile apps

Leading ISV company gears-up to launch Wearable App for workers

The wearable app acts as an early warning system & displays firefighter’s physiological data; for timely intervention before a problem occurs.

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Intelligent Warehouse Mobile Apps

Leading Food service specialist launches Warehouse Mobile Apps

To ensure right items are picked & dispatched, warehouse workforce now use Mobile apps to achieve 100% accuracy in order fulfillment.

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