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As Enterprises evolve, scale-up & face the onset of an enormous volume of data, they must validate and integrate the data quickly to realize its true value. Also, to eliminate manual data extraction from disparate sources and tackle with data-related issues, enterprises need to build robust data management solutions. EDM solutions empower the ability to create, integrate, disseminate, and manage data for business processes; enabling accurate and timely data delivery. As data analytics is becoming more valuable, day-by-day, trust and confidence in data has become paramount to an efficient business strategy – elevating the necessity of creating a single source of truth in the form of EDM solutions for Enterprises.

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Data Management System and Predictive Analytics on Azure

Enterprise Data Management System and Predictive Analytics on Azure

  • One of the world's leading Renewable Energy solutions providers was facing critical challenges in aggregating data from disparate sources.
  • With information stored in multiple systems, it was a time & effort-intensive process for the operations team to fetch the data.
  • A high-performance Enterprise data management platform was the need of the hour. The system would allow ingestion of structured & unstructured data to store it in a single place for quick access.
  • Using Azure PaaS, the data team has developed this centralized data repository, which stores data from WTGs (Wind Turbine Generators), Material data, SCADA & Numerical Weather prediction data.
  • The site engineers have been equipped now with data intelligence of multidimensional insights through a single unified view.
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Master Data Management system

Master Data Management system to enable Reporting & Analytics

  • World’s second-biggest chocolate producer & confectionery company gears-up to build an automated reporting solution for Sales Analytics.
  • Handling a large volume of ever-increasing sales & production data has become a critical challenge for the company. The existing system didn’t allow monitoring of global sales at SKU-level across dealers.
  • To overcome all such challenges, the team needed to design and develop a centralized data repository and an automated reporting solution.
  • Leveraging SSIS load packages helped ingest data from multiple sources and enabled data transformation & modeling.
  • Upon advanced data transformations like defining role-based KPIs, the company was able to visualize data through Power BI dashboards (across Mobile & Desktop) with drill-down available for KPIs.
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Enterprise Data Management Services for your business

Data Governance

Make data governance components an integral part of your enterprise data solution. Manage and govern your data by applying best practices and proven methods. Create a trusted source of truth for your teams to make intelligent decisions quickly.

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Data Architecture

Design Master Data Management architecture that best meets your requirements. Implement data collection procedures to create a robust MDM layer. Establish business validations and rules, which you can share between your disparate data sources.

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Data Storage & Integration

Define the desired data flow, build scalable data lake mechanism and storage using cost-efficient cloud services. Extract and integrate large volumes of fast-moving multi-structured data. Build the data framework to create a single source of truth.

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Data Transformation

Migrate, curate, organize & integrate your data for a unified view. Enable ETL, Data cleansing, and harmonization processes before the data is stored in a centralized repository, thereby enabling data ready for pattern analysis & business intelligence.

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