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In today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving mobile app world, application development frameworks like Flutter are becoming very useful tools. These tools are designed for easier, faster, and more cost-effective development of user-friendly mobile apps; apps that can tap into new revenue streams. Flutter is Google’s modern development kit, a free open source framework based on the Dart programming language. Flutter based cross-platform app follows the principles of Material Design and Cupertino (iOS-style), which helps us to build a very interactive and user-friendly interface using widgets that suit your business.

Flutter app framework uses a C++ rendering engine and allows building of not only cross-platform mobile apps, but also helps to program desktop, web, and connected products. Offering a wide range of Flutter app development services, we help businesses take advantage of this technology. Our teams leverage the platform features like reactive framework, integrated tooling, and stateful hot reload to quickly deliver Flutter applications.

Reduce App development costs and expand your global footprint

By adopting Flutter, the development of full-fledged apps has the potential to reduce costs by an average of 30% compared to creating two native applications. In addition, Flutter is one step ahead in internationalization: Flutter supports 78 languages and features built-in currencies, dates, units of measure, as well as layout options adapted to languages that are not written from left to right.

As a preferred Flutter app development company, Saviant has achieved expertise in every aspect of this technology, including customized widgets, composable layered architecture, exceptional user interface, and built-in animations.

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Cross-platform apps

Global Telecom Network provider tests fiber-optic networks more efficiently

With the Enterprise Mobility solution, our client has optimized its field-mobility operations to test fiber-optic networks in real-time.

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Enterprise Mobility solution

Field service mobile app optimizes supply chain operations

Leading Foodservice specialist improves delivery of food items to 30,000+ customers using 500+ IoT connected mobile devices.

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Warehouse Mobile Apps

Faster, more accurate, and safer Foodservice order fulfillment

Foodservice workforce uses a mobile app to achieve 100% accuracy in warehouse SKU picking and dispatch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Saviant is considered one of the top Enterprise Consulting & Implementation partners across the US, India, UK, UAE & APAC. We are among the world's few successful consulting companies with

  • 100% focus on a platform solution approach for large-scale implementations.
  • Expertise across various platforms including Flutter, Azure, AWS, Power BI & Tableau
  • 150+ employee expertise ranging across mobile app development, software development, and quality assurance.
  • Flexible & scalable teams to quickly ramp-up a team of developers.
  • Agile mindset and Agile-Lean processes for cloud mobility implementations.

Our Flutter team builds and implements high-performance Enterprise mobile apps, User Engagement driven B2C based mobile apps, feature-rich management apps, and IoT driven asset tracking mobile apps.

Involving varied skills and with multiple stages, mobile app development is surely a complex process. For development to be successful, a team should be highly diverse and experienced. At Saviant, our mobile team includes a Technical Project Manager/Scrum Master, Solution Architect, Business Analyst, Developers, UI/UX Experts, and Quality Assurance/Testing experts.

Our teams for the Agile Scrum approach - the proven Iterative Design, Development, and Testing methodology. Principles adhering to the implementation methodology include baselining best architectures, requirements and designs, and continuous attention to quality. A simple pricing model with a fixed price and time & material engagement options are preferred by most clients.

Definitely! Mobile apps developed on any other framework can be easily re-engineered and built using Flutter framework.