Supply chain intelligence in real-time for operations and maintenance

Managing an integrated supply chain effectively is crucial for logistics industry leaders; to enable maximum production efficiency, control processing costs and meet ever-changing customer demands. Such leaders are focusing on the strategic initiatives around IoT assets, bi-directional communication setup with cloud, real-time & predictive analytics and enterprise mobility.

Logistics solutions that provide real-time visibility of supply chain, enable successful delivery of goods without damage and improve customer experience. From defining technology roadmap to implementing strategy, we offer a wide range of Supply chain & Logistics consulting services for businesses to build custom solutions. Our seasoned industry experts are helping them assimilate business priorities, develop robust logistics & supply chain strategy and operationalize it for real-world success.

Using predictive insights for Fleet management & maximum asset utilization

For logistics industry, assets are their life force; counting the delivery vehicles, mobile workforce, food control & storage equipment, warehouse workers – the list goes on. And, that’s before including all the data and customers, which are part of running modern Logistics business. While enterprises continue to run operations smoothly and keep costs under control, an integrated strategic asset and fleet management is a must.

By running the collected asset & delivery vehicles’ data through defined machine learning models, predictive insights into asset operations & maintenance and driver performance can be learned. This helps prevent asset breakdown, vehicle failure, or damage of goods; thereby improve on-time delivery and customer service. Our Supply chain consulting teams are at the forefront of developing such IoT fleet management solutions for global Enterprises.

Optimizing Field-mobility operations in Warehousing & Delivery logistics

Food service & logistics industry leaders have started to rethink on spoilage and goods damage across the supply chain. While causes are numerous, about 50% is due to temperature variations, and their requirement for constant refrigeration of fresh food. And other reasons may include vehicle breakdown, lack of route optimization, or driver inefficiency. To address this problem, forward-thinking companies are embracing digital technologies and creating logistics & Power BI Supply chain dashboards for their ongoing profitability.

For vehicle & goods condition monitoring, driver behavior tracking, and automated warehouse operations, companies can adopt Enterprise Mobility solutions. We offer logistics & supply chain consulting services for such industry leaders to build solutions leveraging IoT, Cloud, Mobility and Analytics.

Custom Logistics solutions implemented for Industry leaders

Supply chain operations

Premier Logistics company gains 100% visibility into supply chain operations

With Fleet Management solution, the company gets deep insights into driver performance, fuel usage trends & predictive vehicle maintenance.

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Power BI

Unlocking operational insights with Power BI dashboards

UK’s leading Food Service specialist generates actionable insights for its product temperature, customer profiling & driver performance.

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Field-mobility apps

Leading Food service Company launches Field-mobility apps for its workforce

By monitoring & controlling the food temperature in-transit using Enterprise mobility solution, the company offers differentiated customer service.

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