Mark S.

Mark S.
(VP Operations)

"I want to build Mobile Apps on Azure for consumers & Utilities; to enable real-time water consumption insights."

  • 500,000 METERS

Client's feedback

Our team at Saviant inherited a complex Azure project and has helped us tremendously in reaching our goals.

Mark S
VP - Operations, Leading Mfg & Util company, US

Our Results

Our client achieved over 30% cost reduction by implementing Azure processing data from over 500,000 meters each day through ONE express communication route sizing to about 180GB data/year in Azure Table Storage.

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Business Need

The client wanted to integrate CDMA based Smart Water Metering system with Azure Table Storage. Data visualization at real time was the core requirement and more to that developing such system to run as cross-platform compatible mobile application added to the challenge. The system should give a Dashboard view for Water-meters installed across the US and mobile apps showing consumption charts for customers to view. The mobile app further can be configured for alerts and notification at the consumer end.

To make data easily available, client wanted the mobile application to cater diverse mobile devices and platforms. With limited display space on offer, maximum relevant information be made available to individual user. Most importantly the system to be developed must give analytics on the fly regarding water consumption and generate alerts on certain conditions.

The Solution - Robust Azure Mobile App Backend System

Microsoft Azure (IaaS And PaaS), Verizon Wireless Network, MVC, Azure Tables, Azure Service Bus Queue

Saviant team developed Hybrid Mobile application using Apache Cordova platform. The Mobile application provides real-time access to users on their water usage, billing and leakage data. We leveraged Azure mobile services as mBaaS to host app on Azure. The robust Azure mBaaS architecture includes other cloud services like Azure Table storage, Azure App Service, Stream Analytics, Azure ML as well.

With live stream of data available for processing, it enabled business Analytics on usage of water across the locations. Automated billing could be done for water meter usage. VN Server and Azure Storage served as the Meter Data Management System (MDMS) for the VN system.

Mobile app on Apache cordova platform

A Glimpse of the Azure mBaaS based Hybrid Mobile App

Field mobility solution
Field mobility solution
Field mobility solution
Field mobility solution

Azure focused Mobile App Backend Development Team

Our Azure mBaaS experts enabled the utilities and customers to orchestrate everything and be aware of the peak water usage periods for taking better decisions for water conservation through mobile apps built on Azure.

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