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Growth-hungry SaaS product companies are always at the forefront of cutting-edge technology adoption; to drive innovation, upgrade existing product/apps, explore new markets, or generate new revenue streams. We are working with such Software vendors in realizing their business objectives. Our clients are the global ISVs across the US, Canada, UK, Germany, UAE, India & Australia. 

Global Customer

Missouri | Consumer Goods

Estd. in 1955, operates at 40+ Global offices generating $1.6 Bn revenue annually.
Global Customer

CA | Consumer Goods

Founded in 2012, premier product development company with revenue of $5.6 Mn
Global Customer

Colorado | Healthcare

Founded in 2014, specialized in delivering client-focused solutions.
Global Customer

Toronto| Lifesciences

Founded in 1996, it has 1900+ registered US payers, $12.1 Mn revenue annually.
Global Customer

Canada | Consumer Goods

Innovative Canadian Technology company offering Personal Safety apps.
Global Customer

NJ | Consumer Goods

Specializes in delivering Enterprise-level software solutions for QSRs
Global Customer

Montana | Real Estate

Market Leader in business since 2001. Part of the MiTek Group of companies.

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Global supplier of Software products launches SaaS portal

Client Location: USA | Emp. Size: 100+ | Founded: 2001

The company has multiple solutions that help Home builders, traders, suppliers & customers to interact for their daily operations. Multiple solutions meant high infrastructure costs, expensive maintenance cycles, and complex data management. They wanted to quickly launch a single product that encompasses all these existing solutions’ capabilities. As a result, an 8-week MVP implementation of Workflow Management SaaS portal was launched to enable quick production line turnaround.

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World-class Energy solutions provider
re-vamps existing system

Client Location: Sydney | Emp. Size: 100+ | Founded: 1984

The Australian company consults large Energy consumers with Utility solutions. With the existing system, they were facing challenges to untap opportunities for Utility procurement, offer most relevant tariffs, reduce human intervention, accurate invoice generation and more. They wanted to re-engineer the system and also offer enhanced features through a web application. Azure based Automated system allows the company to ensure effective invoice management by uploading Utility meter data..

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Existing App Upgrade

Premier ISV integrates Chatbot with its Workforce Management software

Client Location: California | Emp. Size: 100+ | Founded: 2011

Based in California, the company offers Workforce Management SaaS to restaurants, IT services, SMBs and retailers. This product helps in employees’ time tracking & scheduling tasks in order to improve their productivity. However, they wanted to upgrade the product to make these jobs even more easier in remote locations. This triggered for chatbot that can execute time-consuming activities quickly through their mobile. Integrated with the existing software, now the workforce contacts the Azure based intelligent chatbot to execute their tasks from remote locations.

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Re-Engineering Existing Applications

World-class Smart Infrastructure Solutions provider for Utilities

Client Location: Missouri | Emp. Size: 100+ | Founded: 1972

The company wanted to revamp its existing legacy web applications with modern functionalities quickly. This would help its Utility customers in improving operational efficiency. For this, the in-house team needed an extended support of Azure developers who can accelerate their development process for faster go-to-market. The Utilities now uses this modernized web application to gain enhanced visibility on the utility distribution network.

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