Should you choose Tableau to build Business Intelligence solutions?

Published on 24th Aug 2020


Thriving in the age of digital progression, data happens to be the most important element today. There exists an array of tools that consolidate data from all endpoints; to study, analyze, and derive significant insights from the data. This enables faster decision-making.

Tableau is one such tool that allows Enterprises to embed modern analytics at the core of their decision-making process. It is primarily a mission-driven tool that helps to extract data and build reports. Not all tools available out there are as efficient as Tableau is.

Here are a few reasons to consider Tableau as your Business Intelligence tool for your business:

  1. User-friendly tool improving customer experience

    Tableau allows data experts to gather, analyze, and assess data based on a range of factors. It offers powerful customization for building reports and generating insights at ease. It makes it easier to navigate across, embed data, and extract information.
  2. Intuitive dashboard for faster analysis

    Tableau accepts the data in multiple formats and doesn't create data disparity. In addition to this, the tool has a self-contained dashboard that displays all the charts and projects created so far by your business. This gives the holistic view of everything done on the platform, empowering business leaders with reports for quicker analysis. The drag-and-drop feature allows anyone to create custom-fit reports easily.
  3. Interoperability to boost efficiency

    BI segments the data and turns raw content into meaningful information. Tableau has done a great job here enabling the organizational leaders to have a 360-degree view of everything that's happening within the organization. Such companies are focusing to become a data-driven organization using Tableau. For example, a bank can extract customer data to represent it demographically with Tableau in a matter of minutes. Reports can further be generated to indicate how each element affects the performance.
  4. Self-intuitive, eliminating the need to be an expert

    Tableau being a self-taught tool doesn't require you to be a tech expert or one who has immense knowledge of coding. The tool is easy-to-use with indicative tabs that portray what needs to be done and how. This terminates the need to train your staff, let alone hire an Tableau expert. The platform is scalable and meant for anyone who understands data and visualization.

    Also, the tool is self-customizable and adjusting visualizations is simple. For example, if you are viewing it over the laptop, it would adapt to the screen, and the same goes for the mobile device.
  5. Handle Huge Chunks of Data

    A major reason why organizations prefer Tableau over other data analytics tools is the ability to handle enormous amounts of data without crashing. As a matter of fact, a single document can have millions of rows and embedded within the Tableau to build real-time data visualizations. No matter the volume size of the data, it wouldn't disrupt the dashboard or the performance of the tool.

Facilitating Data-driven Decision-making

More and more organizations are realizing the importance of data and adopting measures to utilize it to the maximum potential. Businesses are leveraging Tableau to facilitate data analytics; it gets a real-time data view which helps them make faster decisions. Eventually, the idea is to boost performance, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead of the curve.

If you are evaluating Tableau for your business, and need help over visualization, analytics, dashboards, and report-making, do drop us a note and our Tableau consulting team will be happy to help you.

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