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Xamarin Mobile Apps

Accelerate time-to-market with intuitive Xamarin.Native Mobile Apps

There are many beneficial reasons for the businesses to leverage Xamarin; such as 100% reusable code, faster cross-platform app development and quick time-to-market. However, developing Xamarin mobile apps need right strategy and implementation roadmap. And, building native mobile apps for iOS & Android is no different. You stay focus on accelerating business growth and let experienced Xamarin developers fulfill your app design and development needs.

From Mobile app ideation and wireframing, to development and testing, our teams define your mobile app strategy. Whether you want to build new Mobile app or upgrade existing app for iOS & Android, our Xamarin developers can help. They bring-in strong expertise to develop robust Cross-platform and Native Mobile applications quickly.

Cross-platform mobile apps

Quickly build scalable, secure & robust Mobile App backend system on Cloud

Choosing Xamarin for your mobile app development is the right choice. But what is equally challenging, is choosing the right application hosting platform for your app. Whether it is Microsoft Azure Cloud or Amazon’s AWS, the cloud platform should support core functionalities like seamless data integration, remote data accessibility, offline communication set-up, and secure user authentication. And integration of such robust features in your mobile app demands strong expertise in Cloud.

Our Xamarin development teams are well equippedwith the skills in major Cloud platforms, C#, and Asp.NET MVC frameworks. They bring-in extensive know-how building secure & scalable mobile apps on Cloud. We help speed-up mobile development & deployment process, with wide range of experience that we gained by building apps for our customers across varied industries like Manufacturing, Utilities & Logistics.

Cross-platform mobile apps

Developing Field-mobility apps across
iOS & Android using Xamarin

Until now, mobile workforce used to execute their operations using paper-based processes. They work in remote locations and may often lack real-time communication with its team. Another major challenge is with the data accessibility from anywhere, anytime & any location. Thanks to mobile app development frameworks like Xamarin - building field service apps for such mobile workforce has now become easy and simple.

Field service mobile apps help businesses to automate operations, enable real-time data access, execute work orders quickly and much more. Our Xamarin consulting team and full stack developers are at the forefront of developing such robust cross-platform B2B mobile apps. Using up to 100% shared code across iOS & Android, we help you rapidly launch mobile apps for your workforce. Achieve 100% visibility into your field operations and quickly make intelligent decisions.

Few of the Xamarin apps developed for Industry leaders

Cross-platform Native mobile apps

Cross-platform Mobile apps using Xamarin

Global Telecom Network provider revamps its existing product to test & inspect Fiber-optic networks; using Xamarin apps. Optimizes its field-mobility operations & improves efficiency.

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Xamarin Mobile app

Xamarin-based Field Mobility solution

UK’s Food Service specialist leverages Xamarin to build field-service apps for warehouse workforce. The app helps to pick & dispatch items & ensure 100% accuracy in customer-order fulfilment.

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Real estate mobile app

Real Estate Mobile App using Xamarin

Premier Real Estate solutions provider builds Xamarin apps for builders & traders; to communicate in real-time. The company created this workforce environment for timely execution of day-to-day operations.

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