Modernize and migrate your legacy & on-prem applications to Azure Cloud

Auto-scalable, on-demand, pay-as-you-use driven Enterprise applications are leading today’s business world. This demands the need to migrate the Legacy LOB systems, and existing applications & infrastructure to Cloud. We are helping Enterprises with Azure Migration strategy and IaaS services for smooth transition of their business to Azure. We aid in capacity estimation, resource migration, fault-tolerant, recovery and redundancy planning, security and services management; thus helping Enterprises in complete & secure business transformation.

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Building Azure IaaS & Migration strategy for secure business modernization

Enterprises today are constantly focused towards innovative business models that can further strengthen their legacy systems and existing enterprise applications. Reliable backup storage, disaster recovery & redundancy, secure data access, scalability & high availability are few challenges with the existing on-premises infrastructure environment. This demands the need of extending or integrating their applications or systems with Cloud to transform their business.

Migrating applications to Azure require Cloud IaaS strategy that can address unmatched security, secure & reliable backup store, recovery & redundancy planning, faster development, security and services management, and maximized efficiency. We offer Azure cloud migration consulting services to develop, plan, and execute Enterprise specific cloud migration strategies for securely & reliably extending infrastructure.

How Industry Leaders transformed businesses with Azure

What CXOs have to say

Brian Henry
Chief Architect & CTO
Real Estate & Construction, US

"Working with Saviant's team has opened up our business to new possibilities & has removed the main barrier to growth."
Mushtaque Ahmed
Chief Operating Officer,
Food Services, UK

"I'm excited with the possibilities that we've been able to create to delight our customers by this transformational solution. Saviant has been a real Technology partner in helping us realize this vision."
Mark S
VP - Operations
Manufacturing & Water Utility, US

"Our team at Saviant inherited a complex project and has helped us tremendously in reaching our goals."

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