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Azure Networking Services

Impart scalability & security to enterprise apps with Networking solutions built on Azure

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Page updated in Dec, 2020

Azure ExpressRoute

Connect privately and securely to Cloud
with Azure ExpressRoute

Stated simply, Azure Networking is a hybrid between your on-premise network and the Microsoft Azure Cloud. There are numerous benefits, the most prominent being that you can deliver your application to thousands of clients through the protective, compliant environment of Azure, ExpressRoute establishes dedicated, private and secure connections for data movement between your on-premises and the Cloud. These connections don't use the public internet thus ensuring data security. ExpressRoute allows additional storage and computing capacity to existing datacenters without typical throughput and latency delays, giving you scalability without affecting network performance. Owing to its high predictability, reliability and throughput, this virtual network is ideal for building secure, high performance hybrid applications.

Our Azure consulting team helps client manage demanding scenarios, including periodic migration of data, disaster recovery, large VM movement and big data transfer to and from the cloud.

Azure Traffic Manager

Distribute user traffic to specific endpoints with Azure Traffic Manager

Azure Traffic Manager allows efficient management and control of the distribution of user traffic to Azure Cloud services, websites, and other endpoints. It applies globally aware DNS resolution to all services spread across different regions, based on specified configurations and geographical locations of local DNS servers. Traffic Manager provides a range of traffic-routing methods to distribute traffic such as priority, weighted, performance, geographic, multi-value, or subnet.

Enterprises that use Traffic Manager experience better application responsiveness, maintenance and upgradation sans downtime. Our Azure developers leverage it to enable enterprises to optimize user traffic distribution, especially for big and complex deployments.

Azure Load Balancer

Using Azure Load Balancer for unmatched availability and performance

Azure Load Balancer provides inbuilt load balancing for the creation of highly scalable and available applications. It supports HTTP, SMTP, HTTPS, and even protocols used for real-time audio-video messaging applications. It scales automatically in response to increased load, and offers protection for private networks with the help of inbuilt NAT. It monitors the health of application instances automatically removing unhealthy ones and reinstating them once they are healthy again.

Enterprises that use Load Balancer experience better balancing of user load on their VMs and cloud services. Multi-level hybrid application development is easy with Azure Load Balancer. Leverage it to increase uptime and impart scalability & security to enterprise apps.

VPN Gateway

Tie on-premises Infrastructure to Azure Cloud securely using VPN Gateway

Azure VPN Gateway routes network traffic among virtual networks and on-premises locations or among virtual networks. It allows the connection of IT infrastructure to the Cloud providing high availability, security, anywhere access, and easy management. It uses Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), Internet Key Exchange (IKE), and Industry standard protocols for ensuring high security. It offers point-to-site VPN, allowing connection of VMs to Cloud virtual networks from anywhere and comes with an SLA that guarantees 99% VPN uptime for each VPN gateway.

Enterprises rope in the VPN Gateway to connect on-premises data centers to Azure via site-to-site VPNs. We are able to connect enterprise IT resources securely to the cloud from anywhere.

Custom Azure Solutions for Global Enterprises

Modernizing Legacy system with Azure

Modernized legacy system with Azure IaaS Migration solution

Leading online payment gateway service provider migrates its traditional legacy system to Azure. Gains 99.95% system uptime & zero data loss.

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Azure for Fleet Management

Premier logistics services provider adopts Azure for Fleet Management

With the custom solution, the company now has transparency into smart vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and predictive asset maintenance.

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Ensuring business continuity

Ensuring business continuity with faster disaster recovery solution

Premier brand management company recovers quickly from disasters owing to the ease of use and support for an extensive list of workloads.

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