Cloud in 2014, a look into future !

by Madhur Kulkarni

I have been closely watching Cloud Computing domain for last 12-18 months, and it has been nothing but an evolution in progress. The business world has seen a paradigm shift from the idea of a "why cloud" to "why not cloud" in this short period of time and even getting cloud computing as one of the top line item in the formal IT portfolio.

James Staten of Forrester clearly shares the roadmap and predictions for cloud computing in 2014 in one of his blogs.

My three top takeaways from the blog focuses on :

  1. SaaS becomes de facto for buying new applications
    On premise applications are slowly becoming a thing of the past. With scalable, on-demand and secure cloud frameworks available, even Business is pushing forward for cloud applications. In 2014, I firmly believe that SaaS applications would lead the roadmap ahead in expanding IT organizations.

  2. Australia rises to the No. 2 public cloud computing market
    The thought of Australia emerging as one of the top Cloud Computing market just gives IT service providers and cloud development companies like ours Saviant Consulting (, a bigger green field to work with and prove the might of Cloud.

    Microsoft too announced in 2013 to open two data centers in Australia to support an expansion of its Windows Azure cloud computing services. This will not only give more comfort to Australian Market and gets rid of any latency or geo-redundancy issues with Cloud but also take Cloud computing ahead in Oceania region.

  3. Cloud security will be much more centralized and automated.
    One of the concern Business always has up their sleeve is Cloud Security. Here are few of them I have heard from our customers - Whether business data would be exposed to other companies through public cloud, what if my data is hacked and, are we compromising our end user data on cloud?

    With latest cloud security updates and advanced security tools focused on cloud, these questions are losing their importance and the frequency with which they are raised to IT. As I stated right at the start, Business has taken a one step ahead to analyze Cloud, its benefits and ready to embrace it with both hands.

    With such an evolution in progress, 2014 is going to be a very strong year for Cloud Computing and the way Business deals with IT.

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