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Saviant Team @ Microsoft Windows Azure Summit 2013, Pune

This Summit was a confluence of Azure Architects, Decision makers and top-end developers working on Windows Azure platform. It was delivered by Microsoft's Redmond - based Windows Azure platform experts & product team.

The Summit theme was designed around how Windows Azure has helped companies realize the true value of the cloud.

And how it supports multiple development platforms, languages and tools providing first-class choice for developers and enterprises.

Few very relevant topics covered were:

  • How to develop applications on Azure PaaS using programming languages such as Java, PHP and Python.
  • How a node.js app works in Windows Azure
  • How to work on Windows Azure with NoSQL databases like Azure Table Storage, MongoDB, Cassandra and Neo4j
  • Creating hybrid solutions using multiple operating systems including Linux and Windows Server
  • Demos of several new features, including Mobile Services and Media Services.