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Saviant and i4Score announce a strategic partnership, to accelerate the transformation of Industrial organizations into a data-driven culture

Saviant partners with i4Score

Ann Arbor, Michigan, 10th Jan 2023: Saviant, the intelligent data engineering company for smart machine manufacturers, announces a strategic partnership with i4Score, an industry 4.0 advisory firm. This partnership will help accelerate the deployment of Industrial IoT and Data Analytics solutions while providing a roadmap to transform organizations into a data-driven culture using the i4Score platform. i4Score is an Industry 4.0 Roadmapping platform that guides organizations to answer the key questions and avoid common mistakes along their Industry 4.0 journey.

"We are excited to partner with Saviant to bring this innovative, world-class assessment platform, i4Score, to the market. While there are many digital transformation and industry 4.0 readiness assessments available from numerous organizations, most of them fall short in their ability to engage employees of an organization and provide meaningful & actionable next steps. i4Score is designed to overcome these two issues,” said Scott Phillips, President & Founder of i4Score.

"Through our partnership with i4Score, Saviant’s customers across Instrumentation Engineering & Smart Machine Manufacturing will gain access to a new world-class strategic planning process. Scott's subject matter expertise across Industry 4.0 will help accelerate building industrial solutions. And the i4Score platform will enable our customers to make decisions faster for creating new business opportunities, " said Kunal Kerkar, Director & Global Head of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at Saviant.

The new ‘Saviant-Industry 4.0 Roadmapping platform’ is the product of integration between the i4Score platform and Saviant’s Industrial IoT Consulting Framework. i4Score will provide deep client organizational insights into the 4-step process of (1) Readiness Assessment (2) Roadmap Construction, (3) Architecture Design, and (4) Solution Implementation. Together, Saviant and i4Score will identify the best opportunities for organizations to unlock analytics and Industrial IoT use cases, enabling them to improve operational efficiency by transforming into a data-driven culture.

About i4Score
I4Score is an industrial 4.0 advisory firm headed by Scott Phillips. The development of the Industry 4.0 Roadmapping platform, i4Score, is the incorporation of Scott’s experience with helping hundreds of manufacturers in the form of a tool that can be accessed online and free of charge to any manufacturer. i4Score is based on the application of the first principles of Industry 4.0 to make decisions faster, increase operating efficiency and create new business opportunities. For more information about the tool, visit

About Saviant
Saviant works with machine manufacturers & industrial engineering businesses, for their data platform engineering, advanced analytics, and intelligent software implementations. Since its founding 8 years ago, Saviant has successfully deployed over 300 industry implementations across USA, Germany, UK & Canada, working with 90% of its clients for over 4 years. It leverages leading cloud & data platforms, like Azure & AWS, to implement custom solutions for use cases across Industrial IoT, Machine Learning, Industrial AI, and cloud-native apps.

Today, Saviant is among a select group of Microsoft & AWS Partners recognized with a number of highest-level accreditations for Cloud Platform, Data Platform, Data Analytics, et al. For more information, visit