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Connecting Customer Machines with IoT - Industry 4.0 Club & Saviant’s joint event featuring Inductotherm

Ottawa, Dec 13, 2022: Industry 4.0 Club and Saviant jointly hosted one of the December editions of 'Tech-Tuesdays' featuring Inductotherm, an industry leader manufacturing advanced equipment & systems for heat-driven transformation of metals for the last 60 years, serving across 40 geographies.

The session featured a panel including Adam, Manager of Digital and Information Technology at Inductotherm, and Deepak Singh, VP of Client Services at Saviant, moderated by Scott Phillips & Carol Lynn, Co-founders of Industry 4.0 Club.

Adam and Deepak discussed what Inductotherm is doing for their customers in the areas of digital innovation, industrial IoT & connected machines and how Inductotherm & Saviant partnered to provide a platform for Inductotherm customers to monitor the condition, control throughput, and diagnose problems.

In the session, talking about the Industrial Internet of Things, Adam said, “We are creating an IoT platform that helps our customers know how efficiently they're melting, and make recommendations to improve their melting process. We have a good relationship with Saviant and we’re working with them to add additional things like predictive maintenance to improve the processes by making the equipment intelligent and more energy efficient.”

Adding to the discussion, Deepak said, “With the IoT platform for real-time asset monitoring, we were able to view the equipment details and how they are performing at each stage. I think now we’re at this stage where we understand the data maturity from all their customers, from all different machines, and we can now use that data to start doing the prediction failure of the equipment and that would help their customers, whether they are from the steel industry, aerospace industry, or renewable energy.”

The panel also discussed the Internet of Things platform they developed, which included a multi-tenant SaaS solution, a web portal with dashboards, automated data ingestion from Inductotherm devices via Azure IoT, and automated data transformation & modeling.

The event also saw great participation from industry stalwarts like Jim Wenson, Project Manager at Sinto smart foundry – the world’s largest manufacturer of foundry equipment. The discussion sparked Jim's curiosity and he asked Adam that, "Inductotherm has a great history of providing feature rich GUIs for their customers. What is the main customer benefit from utilizing your product over traditional interfaces?”

Concluding the event, this panel was particularly appreciated by the host and co-founders of the Industry 4.0 club. Carol said, “Deepak, you've sparked my interest on the Cloud side. I'm definitely going to do some research on how you're working with that,” and Scott added, "I'd just like to thank again Adam and Deepak - it was a really insightful discussion today."

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Inductotherm Group leads the industry in the development and manufacturing of advanced technologies, products, and systems for the heat-driven transformation of metals and specialty materials for the last 60 years. It’s a $750Mn strong group today serving across 40 geographies.
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