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Saviant plans to double its Workforce, with Digital Transformation & core Industry focus

Saviant Workforce

Pune May 27, 2020 - Saviant, the intelligent solutions company, is now hiring for its global industrial customers across US, UK, Australia & Middle East. The latest hiring plans are focused on greenfield customer solutions across Equipment manufacturing, Logistics, Energy, Utilities, Healthcare and Retail.

Saviant works as the digital transformation partner for its customers, driving their strategic initiatives - around IoT, Analytics, Mobility, Cloud, ML & Artificial Intelligence. Over the last 6 years, the company has successfully delivered award-winning customer solutions, that include 200+ greenfield solutions, for over 120 customers.

Saviant teams build rapidly deployable custom solutions by leveraging the most advanced technology stack, methodologies, and standards. The company is now looking to grow its talent pool and is hiring for roles across solution engineering, architecture design, business analysis, technology leadership, and market development. The new members would be part of the agile team environment, focusing on solving complex business problems across its industry segments.

Saviant is known in the industry for its Great Workplace culture, highly challenging project assignments, employee-friendly systems, and a hierarchy-free organization. And, its selection process, across the roles, is considered to be the most difficult one to get through.

Keeping its consulting focus & customer problems as the guiding principle, the new hiring would be aimed at responding to the increased demand for its services across various geographies & industries. It is now looking forward to onboard more professionals who will be part of its customer success journey.

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