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To be a working Mother is a challenging task. But, I want to emerge as
a role-model for my child.

It was in 2014, when Meenakshi shifted to Pune and was evaluating career prospects. That’s when Saviant’s opportunity came knocking at her door and she got selected as a Technology Consultant. Meenkashi liked the company and the role so much, that she decided to take up this new position. As a thoughtful move to support her big decision, she arranged for a meeting of her husband with the leadership team. And yes, Meenakshi got the expected support from the family and accepted the position at Saviant.

As she started her career with Saviant, her project hardly allowed any ramp-up time. With her strong technology understanding, she was able to cope up with the project challenges and proved to be a great asset. Meenakshi worked with her colleagues in achieving their goals and very soon became one of the fond members of the team. Her work came to the limelight when her project earned recognition from the customers and even her peers spoke about her work.

After 2 successful years with Saviant, Meenakshi stepped into a new phase of her life, Motherhood. Dealing with pregnancy and managing work was a mammoth task, and she embraced this new role with optimism. "What most people perceive as a challenge is not a challenge for Meenakshi because she takes everything with such positivity," says Anjana, one of her best buddies at Saviant. This attitude helped her work until the very last day of her pregnancy. Meenakshi delivered her little bundle of joy, Shourya in August 2016.

"To be a working Mother is a challenging task. But, I want to emerge as a role-model for my child," says Meenakshi. She was back to work soon after her maternity break. Balancing work and taking care of a new born was not an easy task, but Meenakshi with her willpower and her supporting family and colleagues made it through. "Saviant ensured that I had flexibility and trusted me with my work. While at home, my family has been very encouraging & motivating," she added.

But all was not that easy. Like all Mothers, initially Meenakshi too faced some emotional challenges at workplace. She would miss her son while working, but his smile kept her going. Meenakshi managed her schedule by stretching as much as possible; be it visiting home couple of times to deal with Shourya’s toddler tantrums, working from home sometimes, or taking late night calls. She took gradual steps to settle Shourya at a day-care facility close to Saviant, till she felt secure and assured. Meenakshi has done it all to fulfil her commitments at work and at home.

So, when asked, 'What keeps you going?' She answers this question with a prompt response, "I want to have my own identity. I don't want to be addressed just as someone's daughter, wife or mother." She has a strong motive to guide her child whenever needed. "Meenakshi has certain time restrictions with her role, but to make up for that, she gives in her best," says Anjana.

Today, working mothers have a difficult yet important role to play. A mother never wants to miss capturing the precious moments as her child grows. Simultaneously, her career is something that deserves 100% focus. Yet, there are strong-willed women like Meenakshi, who play this role with ease. "I too struggle at times to maintain my work-life balance but I believe in having patience, seeking support and continue going," she says.